My first blog.. kinda nervous!!

Okay, so hey to whoever reads this, this is my first blog on wordpress so i’m kind of a little nervous! Not really sure what people on here blog about but i’ve created this blog to just be myself i’m sure no-one will even read it but sometimes it helps to vent!

My life is a little complicated at times but most of the time its boring.. i’ve quite a normal life i’m a teenage girl so I go to school, hang out with friends the usual, as we go on i will blog about my love life which is not so boring.. 

i like reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends and writing, at the moment i’m actually writing or trying to write a book.. about love..

i love music but most people say i’ve crappy taste since i like to listen to one direction and westlife but i also love most of the music in the charts..

I’m eighteen this Saturday :)) excited! I’m irish and i’m going into 6th year in september after that i hope to go to college and study journalism and eventually move to New York!

See you soon,




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