This is going to be my second post on wordpress but i decided to dive straight in and do this challenge so if anyone that reads this wants to do it here’s the link:

Last December my mother began an 8 week fitness challenge in the gym she had begged me to join with her but i kept refusing her because i’m generally not really a sporty or athletic person. By the end of the month my Mum had done so well she won a prize everyone was so proud of her even though she was always skinny anyway. I didn’t really think much of it but then my Dad decided he also wanted to get fit and decided to begin cycling, my younger brother has always been very athletic playing various different sports so it seemed I was always left home while everyone else was out getting fit! Then one night during the christmas holidays a few of my friends and I decided to go out, we all got done up in pretty dresses and fancy hairdo’s and took loads of pictures. The next morning as I lay in bed flicking through the pictures I realised i was insecure, i was the only girl wearing jeans or a long top to hide my figure while all my friends were flaunting it, so i went to my mum and asked her to sign me up for the next challenge, she was delighted and did saying she’d help me every step of the way. 

So in January, my mother, my aunt and I went to the gym for the first meeting and introduction of the fitness challenge, leaving there i felt nervous and afraid that i wouldn’t be able to do it but Mum reassured me that it wasn’t a diet it was just a healthier lifestyle. I gave it everything i had and for the 8 weeks i worked my ass off whether it was going to the gym or sweating it out at bootcamp and kettlebell classes that i hated. I pushed myself though, the third week into it after already losing half a stone the instructor asked me how i was getting on and i told her honestly how i hated it all but i was sick of looking at myself in the mirror and not seeing what i wanted to see, i wanted to be a normal size, skinny just like all my friends were. (Now just so you know i wasn’t massive i was 14′ 9 but it felt massive at the time) So my gym instructor told me that i was wasting my time because by doing things that i didn’t enjoy would mean that i’d lose loads of weight but the minute the challenge was over i’d gain it all again. I was confused what kind of exercise would i enjoy? I’m not a sporty person. Then she suggested i join the running club ‘couch potato to 5k’ I laughed at her and told her how unfit i was but she stopped me insisting i tried it out. That wednesday, My Mum and I went to the gym and i was in a foul mood because i was dreading the run, but i done it and afterwards i felt great! For weeks i would dread the wednesday’s when i’d have to go running and no matter what excuse i had or what the weather was like my mum would push me to do it and after every run i would say the same thing to her and thank her for pushing me because once i got over the thought of it, i enjoyed the challenge and the feeling running gave me i always felt so free when i ran. After a few weeks i was going for run’s on my own just enjoying the feeling of it and if i was stressed because of school or romance etc i would go for a run and feel as though i’d ran away from the problem and it had solved itself. 

Anyway the point to this story is that in my opinion health is about keeping healthy in a way that you enjoy and for me that wasn’t being ordered around a room with mirrors making you self conscious but it was pushing myself to run for that extra minute and lose that extra pound and now i’m a happy teenage girl although i might not be the size of my friends i’m now down to 12’4 stone and very happy with my body! Since i completed the challenge i can now look in the mirror or pose for pictures with confidence and not to mention the boost of confidence coming 2nd in the challenge gave me and it also gave me 6 free months gym membership which was also very useful!

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